Hey there! I'm Yiliu. Welcome to the corner of the internet where I share my thinking and work.

I'm a designer and programmer. Right now, I'm building a new kind of tool for creative thought that uses the magical technology of spatial computing.

Previously: I was a research resident at an artist studio; an architecture grad student; an analyst at an investment bank; and an econometrics major in college.

I create out of a love for making beautiful things that elevate those who use them. You can usually find me in Berlin with my partner and our stubborn Welsh terrier.



My main jam is building Softspace, a spatial-computational medium for creative thinking and collaboration. This means I spend my workdays researching, designing, and coding a virtual reality app that helps creative professionals think better, together, from anywhere.

Spatial computing is a transformative new paradigm in human-computer interaction, but it's still early days for this technology. There's an overemphasis on entertainment and domain-specific use cases, and underinvestment in general-purpose applications. I'm working to change that.

Softspace is simultaneously a product that people can use to do real work; an applied research effort to explore the deep potential of spatial computing interfaces; and an experiment in new and better models for funding and developing great software.

Past Work





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